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A pioneering approach to business. Service so reliable, it makes clockwork jealous. The world’s only established google ads agency who’ll pay you if you don’t increase your sales. Unparalleled empathy. Unrivaled efficacy. There’s no one better.
We are so confident in our ability to outperform your current ads that we’ll pay you $1000 if we don’t. Book in a call below for a free, customised audit of your business.

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Reach into the untapped masses of your market niche with real, battle-tested google advertising strategies.

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Our greatest value proposition, perhaps ever. World class research that delivers vital insights. Personalized advertising strategies for your unique business. Crystal clear expectations and timelines for your individual situation. All for free. You can take it and run. But no one else will bring in profits like a waterfall the way we do.

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Undeniable Service. Unmatched Company Philosophy. Unrivalled Value.

We’re like the life jackets for your business. Just look at our testimonials.

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Book your call in now to find out
more about the free audit

Book your call in now to find out more about the free audit

Our Client Results

Our Client Results

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Come First

Your profit always comes first? How is that even possible. At Digital Wealth we only work with businesses when we have extreme confidence in the improvement of their account. If we do not improve your account or generate you profit, we will not charge you.


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“We eliminate the risky side of advertising for our clients by guaranteeing results, meaning after the testing phase of our strategy, we don’t charge a single cent if you are not profitable. Our team of wizards religiously focuses on investing $1 to get $3, $5, $7, $10 back. In a nutshell, there’s little to no downside when working with us. Maybe that’s you: let’s chat and find out. Schedule your strategy call below.

Meet Our Team

Sebastian Ghiorghiu

Founder & CEO
The founder and owner of Digital Wealth MB. His real world experience in not only marketing tactics, but also actually running his own brands (which did $10,000+/day) makes him endlessly sympathetic to your problems and passionate about helping you grow. Seb’s youtube channel ‘Sebastian Ghiorghiu’ has garnered massive attention as one of very few channels which teach unfiltered, real world finance and business.

Nate Schneider

Senior Account Manager
This is Nate, who has been scouted to be the Director of Paid Search here at Digital Wealth MB. He’s been thoroughly involved in digital marketing for eCommerce businesses since 2015, and is Google Certified in the Search, Shopping, App, Display and Video categories. Prior to working with us, he was the VP of Junk Rescue, a well-established junk removal company, overseeing the entire marketing and sales departments. With this guy helping you, your marketing efficacy will skyrocket like never before.

Chris Reinhardt

Operations & Sales Manager
Meet Chris, the Head of Operations and Sales and Digital Wealth MB. He began his ventures in eCommerce through building and running multiple eCommerce businesses by himself. Prior to his current position with us, he was the VP of Operations at an eCommerce incubator, gaining valuable experience and insight into how to sustainably develop an eCommerce business. He’s here to breathe life and vitality into your business.

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